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BRC is a great stepping stone into the Fellowship of AA


You know it’s funny; almost my entire life growing up in Bainbridge, I thought it was the most boring place to live and yet not even a mile away for at least a few of those years was an amazing sanctuary that I could’ve been a part of had I known how much fun and eventful the BRC was. I originally got sober at rehab in Florida but had to return to Ohio every couple of months for [...]

BRC is a great stepping stone into the Fellowship of AA2024-04-19T16:38:29-04:00

Leo’s Seeds of Love


When you break down human emotions, you have two things: Love and fear. They cannot coexist; where one is, the other cannot be. As we walk through this world, we can be struck sometimes with love, and often with the forms of fear. Love comes in many forms, such as joy, peace, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, honesty, selflessness, gentleness and forgiveness. Fear has many forms, such as anger, bitterness, hatred, loathing, dishonesty, revenge and calamity. If we are struck [...]

Leo’s Seeds of Love2024-04-19T16:46:48-04:00
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