How many times have you heard people say that they did not know how they were going to have fun in sobriety? This was certainly the case for me when I got sober at the age of nineteen. I had never heard of the BRC before I attended a meeting there but I know for myself and many other young people that the BRC was one of the first places we learned to have fun again in sobriety.

After discovery the BRC it quickly became one of my favorite hangout spots. The group of young people that I was running with at the time would go to meetings early and stay for hours after it ended. I can’t even begin to guess how many hours we spent there playing pool after the meetings. I do not think I got any better at pool but I do know that while playing with other sober people they began to show me how to live in sobriety. The BRC and the people in it provided me with a safe place to learn how to live rightly.

Not only was the BRC one of the first places I learned to have fun and live in sobriety but it was also where I gave my first lead of Alcoholics Anonymous. It was a Saturday night that I will never forget. I was a nervous wreck but the BRC felt like home. It is such a blessing to know that there is a safe place with a ton of meetings right down the street from where I live.

In the couple of years I have been sober now, I have spent a fair amount of time at the BRC. This beautiful place has absolutely made a positive impact on my sobriety. Thank you to the BRC and all the wonderful people who keep it running and providing a place where miracles happen every day.