You know it’s funny; almost my entire life growing up in Bainbridge, I thought it was the most boring place to live and yet not even a mile away for at least a few of those years was an amazing sanctuary that I could’ve been a part of had I known how much fun and eventful the BRC was.

I originally got sober at rehab in Florida but had to return to Ohio every couple of months for court. While I was here in the early months of my recovery I was very apprehensive about going to meetings. Despite what people might think or say about my personality I’m actually very much an introvert, so venturing far from home, around a lot of strange new people was a big fear for me. I would avoid going to meetings in the beginning but once I realized I truly needed them I did some research and found the BRC. To my surprise it was right down the road! After a few “Ok, I’m really gonna go this time, I can do it no big deal”, I muscled up enough courage to go to a 7am meeting on a weekday. When I went inside it was small and cozy and I enjoyed that. Also knowing it fit less people so I wouldn’t have to be awkward around a lot of strangers for an hour. The meeting was actually fun! Hard to believe I know, but it was, and it also made my whole day more positive. There were some really nice inviting people there who didn’t judge me and laughed at my jokes. Not to mention the inspiration and wisdom in the room. I kept coming back even though I was sometimes uncomfortable and nervous around people.

After permanently returning home to Ohio for Probation, I couldn’t wait to get back to that meeting. And now that I was on court order, I knew I’d have a place to go every week and more time to check out other meetings there. The next room over had games, cable tv and a pool table. If I was ever bored or having cravings I could go there any time of day, rain or shine to find peace.

As someone who is now a secretary for a meeting at the BRC on Monday nights, I can say with complete honesty that the “welcome home” feeling that the BRC and the AA’s in it gave me is a huge reason I love AA. I encourage anyone new to the program, or trying to find a place they can feel safe, cared for, and included in, to go to any one of the wonderful meetings there.

It’s a great stepping stone into the Fellowship of AA. I’ve met most of my friends there, I met the greatest sponsor (my sponsor) in the world there, and created a wonderful life within the BRC.

I just want to say that I do not like change. It’s something that is hard for me to accept, but I immediately knew upon entering the BRC that I was going to love this particular change for myself. My name is Carson B., I’m 26 years old and I’m an Alcoholic, and I’m also a happy sober guy today. Lastly I’d like to thank the BRC for existing, you saved my life and I am forever grateful!